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Download here: http://bit.ly/12aCLcj  

[Lent] Weary of Wandering

I am very excited about this year’s Lent playlist.  I was able to find some good tunes.  And as usual, there’s everything from rock n’ roll to indie folk to choral music to… Continue reading

[playlist] Advent: Lead Us from Darkness to Light

download here: http://bit.ly/17U0A9A

[PLAYLISTS] Eastertide “Alleluia Is Our Song”

Download my 2013 Easter playlist here.

[PLAYLISTS] Lent – In Shades of Death

I have a new playlist posted!  Download here.

[PLAYLISTS] Epiphany – Moors and Mountains

I’ve posted my 2013 Epiphany playlist … “Moors and Mountains” … download here http://bit.ly/UI4zxv

[PLAYLISTS] Christmastide – A Light to Guide

I’ve posted my 2012 Christmastide playlist … “A Light to Guide” … download here http://bit.ly/YqqVqP

[PLAYLIST] Kingdomtide – A Change Is Gonna Come

  new liturgical playlist up!  download Kingdomtide playlist, “A Change Is Gonna Come” here. “During the season of Kingdomtide we declare the values and glory of the Kingdom of God. Christ is celebrated as… Continue reading

[PLAYLIST] Ordinary Time – Take Up Your Spade

  better late than never … an Ordinary Time playlist, “Take Up Your Spade” … download here … http://bit.ly/UezzRn

[PLAYLIST] Lent – I Am Marked in the Valley

    download my Lent playlist here: http://bit.ly/PqeXoZ