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Edwin Friedman on leadership

people cannot hear you unless they are moving toward you, which means that as long as you are in a pursuing or rescuing position, your message will never catch up, no matter how… Continue reading

Edwin Friedman on differentiation

From Edwin Friedman’s A Failure of Nerve: Differentiation refers to a direction in life rather than a state of being. Differentiation is the capacity to take a stand in an intense emotional system.… Continue reading

Edwin Friedman on family function

Families can be quite functional and still be operating in a mode that is emotionally regressed, if not outright psychotic. The focus on symptoms such as drinking, abuse, conflict, and divorce distracts from… Continue reading

an impressive book on leadership.

i’m currently reading this book for my leadership class that i am taking this summer.  it is fantastic and i highly recommend it, no matter what kind of leadership position or role you… Continue reading