[Lent] Weary of Wandering


I am very excited about this year’s Lent playlist.  I was able to find some good tunes.  And as usual, there’s everything from rock n’ roll to indie folk to choral music to bluegrass instrumentals.  That’s just how I roll.

A word about the title – I borrowed the phrase “Weary of Wandering” from Charles Wesley’s hymn “Weary of Wandering from My God” (Alt. Title – “Make My Heart a House of Prayer”).  You can find the lyrics & more info here.  Cyber hymnal published additional verses here.  My favorite lyric from the hymn is:

This rebel heart by love subdue,
And make it soft, and make it new.

The entire hymn speaks of the Lenten journey – of the movement toward a deeper, fuller faith in Christ.  It is a hymn of reorientation–a “once was lost but now am found” kind of story.

And so, I invite you to consider your place in this story with this playlist of songs which mark the beauty, difficulty, transformation, pain, and hope of the journey.

Grace & peace,


Download here: http://bit.ly/MoCBFi