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Kathleen Norris on music

music is serious theology. kathleen norris, the cloister walk

Thomas Jay Oord on love

To love is to act intentionally, in response to God and others, to promote overall well-being. Thomas Jay Oord, Love in Relational Theology … TJO is a Wesleyan theologian whose work I have… Continue reading

On Communion

My Eucharist doctrine paper: The Eucharist is the communal thanksgiving meal of the Church in which God’s people act in response to who God is, what Christ has done for us, and how… Continue reading

The Third Mile, or What It Means to Practice Hesed.

I recently read the chapter “Third Mile” out of Peter Rollin’s book, How (Not) to Speak of God. The thrust of the chapter is pertains to Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:41, “If anyone… Continue reading