the boldness of St. Brendan the Navigator

the boldness of St. Brendan the Navigator

My friend Marsha came to visit this weekend and one of the most fun things we found to do was visit this small country Celtic gift shop called Thistle & Pine. I wanted to buy one of nearly everything in that store, but settled on just a couple things. The store carries some products from Wild Goose studios in Ireland. Wild Goose has some amazing visual art depicting Celtic symbols and saints. I chose this bronze & cast iron symbol of St. Brendan the Navigator.

Northumbria’s Celtic Daily Prayer book contains some of my most favorite prayers, including this prayer of St. Brendan:

Shall I abandon all the comforts and benefits of my home,
seeking the island of promise our father knew long ago,
sail on the face of the deep where no riches or fame
or weapons protect you, and nobody honours your name?
Shall I take leave of my friends
and my beautiful native land,
tears in my eyes
as my knees mark my final prayer in the sand?
King of the mysteries, will you set watch over me?
Christ of the mysteries, can I trust You on the sea?

Christ of the heavens
and Christ of the ravenous ocean wave,
I will hold fast to my course
through the dangers I must brave.
King of the mysteries, angels will watch over me,
Christ of the mysteries, when I trust You on the sea.

Have I the courage to leave the familiar
and journey into the unknown?
to journey beyond the way I have prayed,
the life I have lived, the sensible and the secure?
to trust God to take me beyond these familiar shores?

Christ of the mysteries, can I trust you on the sea?