Top New Albums of 2011

i’m a little early with this, as there’s still a few weeks left til the new year.  but i can’t resist!
here are my fav new albums of this past year.  there are more than what’s on this list, but i narrowed it down to top 20.
20. the horse thieves  |  valley of decision  | fav tracks: dakota wild, fast asleep, valley of decision
19. joshua rosen  |  illogical affair  | fav tracks: i need you, bow your head, make you new
18. gillian welch  |  the harrow & the harvest  | fav tracks: tennessee, scarlet town, the way it will be
17. blitzen trapper  |  american goldwing  | fav tracks: love the way you walk away, astronaut, american goldwing
16. a.a. bondy  |  believers  | fav tracks: down in the fire (lost sea), surfer king, highway/fevers
15. the middle east  |  i want that you are always happy  | fav tracks: as i got to see janey, months, jesus came to my birthday party
14. coldplay  |  mylo xyloto  | fav tracks: u.f.o., us against the world, every teardrop is a waterfall
13. sara groves  |  invisible empires  | fav tracks: i’ll wait, miracle, obsolete
12. brandi carlile  |  live at benaroya hall  | fav tracks: hallelujah, before it breaks, i will
11. burlap to cashmere  |  self-titled  | fav tracks: the other country, love reclaims the atmosphere, closer to the edge
10. mutemath  |  odd soul  | fav tracks: prytania, blood pressure, all or nothing
9. matthew perryman jones  |  until the dawn appears  | fav tracks: until the dawn appears, waiting on the light to change
8. needtobreathe  |  the reckoning  | fav tracks: the reckoning, slumber, able
7. lupe fiasco  |  lasers  | fav tracks: coming up (feat. mdma), the show goes on
6. beirut  |  the rip tide  | fav tracks: the rip tide, goshen, a candle’s fire
5. fleet foxes  |  helplessness blues  | fav tracks: battery kinzie, montezuma, bedouin dress
4. bon iver  |  self-titled  | fav tracks: holocene, towers, wash.
3. feist  |  metals  | fav tracks: woe be, caught a long wind, the bad in each other
2. folly & the hunter  |  residents  | fav tracks: raising the dead, cost
1. josh garrels  |  love & war & the sea in between  | fav tracks: flood waters, pilot me, ulysses