I Met My Inner Child Today.


well, more accurately a child who my inner child delighted in.  i stopped by a coffee shop to read for a bit and soon became highly distracted by this wild and spirited 3 year old. i watched as she pulled this little kid’s table away from the wall, carefully placing the chairs around it; one for her and three for any visitors that might happen upon her space. she placed her chair in such a way that she could look out of the giant window facing the street. she drank her lemonade, pouring it from the can to the cup (and from the cup back into the can!) with such immense concentration. as she performed this little pouring ritual and people watched, i looked down and noticed my favorite thing about her: the mismatched shoes.  look carefully and you can see them too. my other favorite thing about her was how she either swung her feet back and forth while she drank her lemonade and gazed out the window OR tapped her right foot against the chair in beat with whatever song was playing over the loud speaker.

there are some things in life that if you don’t stop and stare for awhile, you miss out on the small moments of joy that flit back and forth in the path in front of us. i’ve been in the midst of deep grief and deep gratitude this week. at times it feels impossible to endure. then i stop and stare at this child sitting contently—drinking lemonade, wearing mismatched shoes, swaying and tapping to the music, and watching life continue on outside. she reminded me of such freedom and inhibition that i long for in my own life. and she reminded me that there is much joy to be found in such mundane yet holy leisure.