prayer for blessing

in the strong name of Jesus
we bless all that is living,
and recognize in all that lives
the reflection of the Word
who said,
“let there be life”,
and it lives.

teach us to care for
all that is entrusted to us,
and nurture every sign of Your presence.

circle our dear ones in Your love
and blessing; and protect us all
from evil and from danger.

give us open eyes to see beyond what
others say is possible.
give us the insight
to recognize and name deceit.

may the blessing of our love
and our strong joy in blessing
call out new growth
in everyone we know and meet.

give us a generosity
that pushes back the boundaries,
for even death
by You has been defeated.
with all our powers
we find our power in You.

the Light shines on,
and life is lived in You.

from the Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer book.