Wild Garden, Holy Spirit: A Pentecost(al) Reflection.


this is another poem/reflection written by my friend eric for our fall forward vespers service last week.  he reflected on the season of pentecost (hence the title! =] ).

Wild Garden, Holy Spirit: A Pentecost(al) Reflection
by Eric Nicholaysen.

The Spirit of God goes where it pleases,
and the Spirit has been pleased to visit us,
tending to our development:
Watering our roots,
Pruning our vines,
Ensuring our growth is rich, and richly in Christ.

Like a garden,
Each of you grows with a beauty that is unique,
and each one adds to the splendor of the whole.
For our Master Gardener has designed every plant with intentionality,
formed each one with delight.

A garden,
Of colors, abundant.
Of fragrance, intoxicating.
Of gifts,
sustaining you and your neighbors,
and nourishing the ground.
A garden where life sings;
through the leaves that unfold on one,
the petals that take shape in another,
and the stalk that sprouts in another!
And from particularity you together form a chorus of praise.

As the Spirit descends on you,
bringing your buds to a blossom,
Open your hands,
Welcome her teaching, and her comfort.
Open your mouth,
and proclaim the wonders of God!
When a tongue of fire enflames your neighbor,
bearing in her faith,
faith like sunflowers awaiting the sun’s gaze,
bearing in him hope,
hope like strawberries sweetening by day,
bearing in them love,
love like onions layering with intricacy and depth.
Name the beauty you see,
the wild growth blooming before you, blooming with you!

Crowds will gather, astonished,
As this garden, this community,
Moves in the power of the Spirit.
Our neighbors, our city, will see,
they will smell,
beholding irresistible, wild growth..

So, wild ones,
unusual garden of Mars Hill Graduate School,
Garden that fights for those otherwise forgotten,
and forsaken flowers,
Join in the unfolding Kingdom of God,
empowered by the present and active Spirit of God of which you were born.
Share the fruit that ripens on your branches,
That your kindness, goodness, and peace might enrich the soil beneath you.
And by your sweetly wild growth,
bear witness to the resurrection of Christ,
to the glory of God.