C.S. Lewis on love

from The Great Divorce

‘you mean,’ said the tragedian, ‘you mean – you did not love me truly in the old days.’

‘only in a poor sort of way,’ she answered. ‘i have asked you to forgive me. there was a little real love in it. but what we called love down there was mostly craving to be loved. in the main i loved you for my own sake: because i needed you.’

‘and now!’ said the tragedian with a hackneyed gesture of despair. ‘now, you need me no more?’

‘but of course not!’ said the lady; and her smile made me wonder how both the phantoms could refrain from crying out with joy.

‘what needs could i have,’ she said, ‘now that i have all? i am full now, not empty. i am in Love Himself, not lonely. strong, not weak. you shall be the same. come and see. we shall have no need for one another now: we can begin to love truly.’