Quotes from Joan Chittister’s The Liturgical Year

liturgical year w: words

i’ve been reading joan chittister’s book, ‘the liturgical year’ for the past couple of days.  totally loving it.  so i’m going to share some of my favorite quotes from it.  all are stripped of their context, some so much so that they are reduced to a single phrase that i just loved.  i did this on purpose.  this woman just has a way with words.  i’d rather let you sit with what some of the phrases mean for you then give you the full context.  enjoy.

// “every different kind of year demands different strengths of us, provides different kinds of gifts for us, enables different kinds of sensibilities in us.”

// “a yearlong soujourn”

// “to endure the darkness of life, to continue our own journeys to the cross, whatever those crosses may be, and to trust that Resurrection is the will of God for us all.”

// “well of hope and sign of triumph”

// “learning how to live while we wait”

// “learning what it is that makes us happy is the task of a lifetime. and, oh, we stumble along doing it.”

// “a lifetime of contemplation, of pause, of reflection”

// “self-authorization, the notion that all life, all knowledge, all moral wisdom begins and ends with the self, makes us our own god.  and that is a small god indeed.  as long as we are the only monitor of our own lives, as long as we never bow our heads to the perceptions and experience of the other, we never learn the wisdom of the world around us.  we become the author of our own lives—with all the error, all the smallness that implies.  it leaves us heirs only of our own limitations.”

// “to follow Jesus is to live, no matter how many deaths we face in life.”

// “the old days and old ways are ending; the new days, the new ways of thinking and living, are already here.”

// “today, the loss finally sets in.”

// “how often what is dark leads nevertheless to the light.”

// “there is the hope that we can begin, finally, to see the world as God sees the world and so trust that God is indeed everywhere in everything at all times—in the abstruse as well as the luminous, whether we ourselves can see the hand of God in this moment or not.”

liturgical year w:o words