Jurgen Moltmann on faith

from Theology of Hope

to believe does in fact mean to cross and transcend bounds, to be engaged in an exodus.  yet this happens in a way that does not suppress or skip the unpleasant realities.  death is real death, and decay is putrefying decay.  guilt remains guilt and suffering remains, even for the believer, a cry to which there is no ready-made answer.  faith does not overstep these realities into a heavenly utopia, does not dream itself into a reality of a different kind.  it can overstep the bounds of life, with their closed wall of suffering, guilt and death, only at the point where they have in actual fact been broken through.  it is only in following the Christ who was raised from suffering, from a god-forsaken death and from the grave that it gains an open prospect in which there is nothing more to oppress us, a view of the realm of freedom and of joy.  where the bounds that mark the end of all human hopes are broken through in the raising of the crucified one, there faith can and must expand into hope.