beautiful day in the neighborhood.

i have been thinking recently that moving to seattle is probably the best decision i’ve made in my life thus far.  it has been a wonderful, awesome, scary, painful, amazing, deep, rich, beautiful, fun adventure.  (and i’m not just talking about the city—though as you can see below, the breathtaking views are certainly a huge perk!)  i am feeling settled here, knowing and being known by those around me, feeling invested in my relationships, feeling energized in my studies, feeling hopeful about what is in store for me, and, dare i say it, perhaps also feeling at home here.

here are some pics of the city from a few blocks away from my house in beacon hill.  unfortunately these pictures do not do the view justice.  the clarity of the mountains and the way the light hits this city is just … well … incredible.  come visit me and see for yourself!