Joan Chittister on years

liturgical year w: words

from The Liturgical Year from “The Ancient Practices” series edited by Phyllis Tickle

life is made up of the turning of the years. we watch our lives go by, a phase, a stage, a year at a time, and we mark the meaning of the year by the way we feel as we spend it. we talk about the ‘kind of year it’s been.’ as if one year could possibly repeat another, as if all the parts of the year were cut from the same fabric, all its days derived from the same root or developed in the same ways. instead, every year is a distinct growth point in life, the shedding of another shell of life. each year brings something unique to us and calls for something different from us. yet, however much we recognize their separate comings and goings, we, too, often neglect to be prepared for their equally unique effects on our development…every different kind of year demands different strengths of us, provides different kinds of gifts for us, enables different kinds of sensibilities in us.

liturgical year w:o words